Pressure Measuring Instrument


U Tube Type Manometer

U-Tube type Primary Standard Manometer used for precision measurement of pressure, vaccum, differential pressure, and flow measurement in plants and labs where certain accuracy is required. Available Sizes : In wall mounted & stand mounted. Ranges : 100-0-100 to 3000-0-3000 mm WC/HG.





Inclined Tube Manometer

Inclined Manometers utilise expanded scales for unusual sensitivity for fast, easy reading of low pressure. draft of small differential ressure. They are available in simple standard Models as well as extreme precision inclined Manometer. Available Sizes : 0-500mm WC/HG





Single Limb Stand Type Manometer

Single Limb Stand Type Direct Reading Manometer for the precision measurement of pressure, vaccum differential pressure flow and liquid level measurement. Available : In wall mounted and stand mounted. Range : 0-3000mm WC/HG



Digital Pressure Gauge

Cannot measure pressure with fine percision by mechanical gauge, switch to Digital Pressure gauges from ADARSH and measure pressure more accurately & preciesely. Get accuracy twice to six times compared to analog gauges and high resolution with least count upto 0.001 kg/cm2 / bar.




INDL. Grade Pressure Gauges

Applications Stainless Steel Gauges are used foe corrosive media & challenging ambient environment. These gauges have SS316 wetted parts with SS304 Ip65 case and ring. All joints are argon welded. the 4" & 6" models have socket welded to case design which avoids leakages and provides integrity to the gauge.




Maghnelic Pressure Gauge

Avilable in Dial Sizes 100mm(4"), 150mm (6") Puressure Ranges from 0-400mmwc to 6000mmwc / 0-1 kg/cm2 upto 25 kg/cm2 Max Static Presssure 25 bar upto 60 bar SS316 Diapharagm / Spring Steel Diapharagm Bottom or Back Mounted




Very Low Diffrential Pressure Gauge


4 Pressure Measurement from

6mmwc upto 100mmwc

4 Dial Sizes 4-1/2" (155mm)

4Aluminium Case

4Accuracy = - 2% FS.


Filter Status

Dust Static Pressur




Diaphrgm Type Pressure Gauge

Applications Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Petrochemical, Oil & Gac, Refinery, Paper & Pulp, Suger, Breweries, Food & Beverages, Cement industries, etc.


• 4Dial Sizes 100mm (4") and 150mm (6")

• 4SS316 Diaphragm and Bottom Chamber / Flange