Level Measuring Instrument



Tubular Level Indicator

Tubular Level gauge for visual liquid level observation is very common in process industry. It is a simple and reliable device for direct reading in atmospheric or pressurized tank applications. It is mounted parallel, along the side of tank. As the process level fluctuates, the level in the transparent glass tube changes accordingly and gives local liquid indication.




Reflex Level Gauge

Reflex Gauges are Designed specially to meet most critical requirements of petrochemical, Fertilizer, Pharmaceutical & Chemical Industries Involving inflammable toxic, High Pressure, High temperature liquids. Inner surface of glass has reflecting Prisms. Liquid Levels shows black in contrast to mirror like surface above. Available Sizes : with Non IBR & IBR Certificates



Side Mounted Magnetic Level Indicator

Cylindricals float with powerful magnet moves with level inside metalic chamber. Level is indicated by weighted magnetic capsules that follows the float movement. Capsule guide in filled glass tube attached externally to chamber. Excellent visibility because of lens action of liquid filled glass & absolute safety because of non fragile metal chamber. Specification
Connection : Flanged ASA 150 RF
Range : 300mm To 6000 mm
Press Rating : 1500 Deg.C
Scale Calibration : mm/cms/inches
Material/Wetted Part : SS 304/SS 316/PP






Top Mounted Magnetic Level Indicator

Simple principles of mechanics and magnetism harnessed to offer an absolutely safe, reliable and trustworthy level indicator for dangerous and toxic liquids under high pressure and temperatures.




Float & Board Type Level Indicator

Available Sizes
• Absolute Vapourtightness.
• No Sealing liquids.
• Clean installation.
• Trouble-free Service.




BI-Colour Magnetic Level Indicator Type

Bi-colour magnetic roller are mounted on aluminium channel / SS protected by sturdy aluminium box and convex dust proof acrylic cover.

Connections : Flanged ASA 150 RF
: 300mm To 6000mm
Accuracy : 25 Kg / cm2




Top Mounted Magenetic Level Switch

A Top Mounted magnetic Level Switch is normally a simple device that monitors the liquid level in a tank and sends and atrip signal to another device such as a pump to protect it. These level Switches are used for Pump protection, Cooling Circuit protection, high & low level alarm and gerrneral level monitoring.


Installation : Outdoor / Indoor
Mounting : Top
Terminal Enclosure : Cast Aluminum, Weather proof to IP 66 or Ex - proof to Gr. IIA & IIB or IIC
Conduit Connection : 1/2” BSP (F) with 1/2” BSP (M) Conduit
MOC of Guide Tube : SS316, PP, SS316 with PVDF coated
No. Of Floats : Single or Multiple (Maximum of 4)
MOC of Floats : SS316, PP or PVDF
Size of Floats : Ø28, Ø41, Ø60, Ø75 & Ø90mm for Ss316, Ø50, Ø63 & Ø90mm for PP and Ø60, Ø75 & Ø90mm for PVDF
Process Connections : Flanged with Housing, Screwed with Housing or Flanged with DIN Connector
Min. Specific Gravity : 0.7 (Minimum)
Switch Type : Reed Switch
Switch Rating : 0.5A / 250 VAC
Switch Differential : Fixed (10 ± 5mm)
Housing Material : Die - cast Aluminum
Ingress Protection : IP 65
MOC of Wetted Parts : AISI 316 SS
Accuracy : ± 2mm
Repeatability : ± 1mm
Load : Resistive or Inductive
Insulation : 100 Mega - Ohms at 500 VDC
Max. Operating Temperature : 100ºC
Max. Operating Pressure : 10 Kg/cm2





Side Mounted Magnetic Level Switch

Float mounted at one end of rigid rod moves with change in level, magnetic capsule at other end of rod moves accordingly whithin fixed limits Switch contacts across the face change accordingly